Go to Yoroi Website.

Choose a platform to install Yoroi.

We will use Chrome extension for this guide.

Click Add to Chrome in right top corner.

In the right corner of Chrome click Yoroi icon and enter Yoroi wallet.


Choose Cardano

Create wallet.

Name a wallet and choose a spending passwords for trasanctions.

Write down on paper the seed of the wallet and store it in a safe place. 
Don’t store it on your computer.


Confirm recovery phrase by choosing words in right order. This is the way you can also recover your wallet on other device (mobile phone) or in the future.

Wallet is created. 
Confirm that you saved the recovery phrase and it’s secure.

Go to Receive tab, where you can see your wallet address. You can create new ones for different purposes.

Send Ada to your addres. Choose Cardano Network.

Now to delegate go to Delegation List tab and find our pool by searching for:

Digital Farm

and click Delegate. 

Set amount and use spending password.

You can see how much rewards you will receive every epoch at the bottom.

Click Delegate and confirm transaction.

Additional Staking Info

✓ You  deposit 2 ada for delegation which you’ll get back when you undelegate.

Your ada is completly safe. It never leaves your wallet.

 There is a 0.17 Ada fee for transaction.

 You need to wait  3 epoch so the stake gets registered.

✓ First reward comes after 3-4 epochs, then every 1 epoch.

1 epoch is 5 day.

Stake with us:
 [₳CROP] 🌾 Digital Farm for ₳DA